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This part of the website contains information about the CRES Amateur Radio Club made available by the Secretary for the benefit of its members.

The CRES-ARC was founded in 1962 by hams working at the Western Electric manufacturing facility on East Broad St, Columbus, Ohio. The front building, originally owned by AT&T, then spun off to Lucent Technologies in 1996, and finally Mount Carmel Health in 2004, still serves as home base for our club's W8ZPF Repeater. Membership in the CRES-ARC is now open to all interested amateurs.

Upcoming Club activities and events of interest to clubmembers:

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Clubmember Communications

Ham Radio is all about communications. Our primary means of keeping in contact with one another within the Club is our W8ZPF Repeater, 146.07/146.67 Mhz (with 131.8 Hz CTCSS). The repeater is located at I-270 and Broad St (SR 16) on the east side of Columbus with a remote receiver site in northwest Fairfield County. W8ZPF/R provides good coverage throughout most of Franklin, and much of Fairfield and Licking, Counties. If you have a rig that cannot send subaudible tones, you can override the repeater's CTCSS decoder temporarily by touch-toning 219. Feel free to give a call on W8ZPF/R at any time or join us at 8 PM on Sunday evenings (9 PM from May through October) for our weekly Club Net.

The CRES-ARC also maintains two internet email lists -- a discussion group and an email announcement list. What's the difference? The announcement list is a low volume list intended to announce our meetings and activities as well as get the word out about other items of interest to all club members. The discussion group is a potentially higher volume Yahoo Groups forum that can either be viewed online or followed through emails. On the discussion group the topics are more dynamic, going where ever its members choose to take them.

Local and Regional Hamfests:

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