CRES VE Team Amateur Radio Exam Pre-registration Page

Hi! You're probably reading this because you want to pre-register for one of our VE exam sessions to obtain an amateur radio license. If so, you've come to the right place. Unfortunately, pre-registration has closed for the August 5th exams. However, we will be accepting walk-ins for all exam elements at this test session, so you are welcome to come and sit for your exam anyway. We do ask that you procure an FRN number prior to the exam session and that you arrive a few minutes early so that we can register you at the site. You can obtain an FRN by following the instructions here.

Additionally, if you haven't already done so, we also encourage our applicants to review our web page before taking the exams. This page addresses many of the questions our applicants typically have, from how we conduct exams, to what you need to bring with you, to how much it costs, and in general what you can expect on the big day. If you have questions, we request you check this site before contacting us directly. You'll probably find the answer there. Our web page is located one level up from this one at:

We hope to see you at the upcoming exam session.