From: Robert L Rose <>
Date: November 4,2018 at 7:45:19 PM EST
To: Google Laurel VEC Groups <>
Subject: CORES Update


I am sending this at the request of the Laurel VEC

1.  The current version of CORES is being retired effective 1 March 2019.

2.  What's new?

a.  There is a new active website for CORES:

b.  If someone is applying for an FRN, they must first create a Username and a password before they can create an FRN. 

c.  Users [Licensees] who already havean FRN from the Legacy Commission Registration System, must create a Username in order to continue managing their FRN(s).

d.  Once you've created a Username, you can log in and do several things:

  • Associate your Username with an existing FRN.     Heads-Up:  When you do this, your current ULS password will be replaced with your NEW FCC Registration Password.
  • Manage existing FRNs
  • Apply for an FRN
  • Reset your FRN password
  • Search for a FRN
  • Update your Username profile

3.  What do Team Leaders need to do?

a.  Share this information with your VEs.

b.  Share this information with your club, as applicable.

c.  Update your team page on the Laurel VEC website, as appropriate. 
  • Add the new CORES website link, if desired.
  • Replace the old link to CORES with the new link if they have instructions on how to acquire an FRN on your team's page. 

d.  Figure out how you will explain this to your applicants.

  • Step 2 - Create a Username and Password
  • Step 3 - Log into CORES and apply for an FRN
    • Follow the instructions
    • Write down the FRN

Note:  Persons with a new FRN can log into the ULS and set their paper authorization preferences.  
  • If YES is selected, an official copy of their paper authorizations (aka license) will be printed and mailed bythe FCC to them when it is granted and when any changes occur thereafter.
  • They cannot change anything else at this point because they don't have a license.



Bob Rose/AA3RR
Laurel VEC Regional Coordinator 
  5th VEC Region
7122 E Prairie Ridge Rd
Prescott Valley, AZ 86315
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