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Thanks and a hat tip to Ed Weston for the yesteryear photos.

_yy - a picture from yesteryear

K8AX - Dave Brown
K8NU - Carl Yaffey
K8WNU - Bill Knotts
KA8JEF - Paul Ford, now W8PCF
KD8HJA - Tate Antrim
KD8WK - Rob Stampfli
KN8AEH - Wilbur Wollerman, later K8AEH, now deceased
N8OGI - Greg Stout
W8AGS - John Lawson
W8FXB - Charlie Selkow
W8KGI - Jim Hanlon
W8RJM - Bob Martini (Beethoven)
WA8HQO - Ed Weston, now W8REW
WA8WNI - Bill Colbert
WA8WPQ - George Snow, who played a clown for the Shriners
WB8CGY - John Greene, now KE8U
WN8NYW - Bob Collins