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Scenes from the CRES Amateur Radio Club's 1973 Field Day weekend, courtesy of Ed Weston.

From Left to Right...
01 - George Snow WA8WPQ, Ken Pollock WB3JOB
02 - Bill Knotts K8WNU, Clinton Frederick (Can't remember call), Bill Colbert WA8WNI, George Snow WA8WPQ, Andy Elliot K8LCA now K8LE, Ken Pollock WB3JOB, Bob Collins WN8NYW
03 - Bill Knotts K8WNU, Clinton Frederick, Bill Colbert WA8WNI, Ed Weston WA8HQO now W8REW, Ken Pollock WB3JOB, Andy Elliot K8LCA now K8LE, Bob Collins WN8NYW
04 - Bill Colbert WA8WNI, Bill Knotts K8WNU, George Snow WA8WPQ, Clinton Frederick, Ken Pollock WB3JOB
05 - Bill Colbert WA8WNI
06 - Bill Knotts K8WNU, Bob Collins WN8NYW, Andy Elliot K8LCA now K8LE
07 - W8ZPF/8 Ready to go
08 - George Snow WA8WPQ, Plenty of backup 807's
09 - Judy Knotts, Bill Knotts K8WNU, Unknown ?
10 - John Greene WB8CGY now KE8U
11 - John Greene WB8CGY now KE8U
12 - Unknown, Bob Collins WN8NYW, Andy Elliott K8LCA now K8LE, Bill Colbert WA8WNI
WA8HQO - Ed Weston, now W8REW, operating one of the Field Days during the 70s