CRES-ARC 2016 Field Day

Infirmary Mound Park, Licking Co.

Click here to see additional pictures and commentary of our 2016 Field Day event, as originally published on Facebook by Alicia Ward.

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A Bird in the Hand...
Thumbnail of Completed_HF_Ant.jpg
Completed HF Ant
Thumbnail of DahDiDaDit.jpg
Thumbnail of Erecting_HF_ant.jpg
Erecting the HF antenna
Thumbnail of FromSatStationLookingNE.jpg
From our Sat Station
Looking Northeast
Thumbnail of HF_Antenna.jpg
HF Antenna
Thumbnail of Our_Sat_Ants.jpg
Our Sat Ants
Thumbnail of Our_Sat_Station.jpg
Our Sat Station
Thumbnail of Our_Sat_Station#2.jpg
Our Sat Station -
another View
Thumbnail of Our_Visitors_Table.jpg
Our Visitors Table
Thumbnail of OurMascotGuardingStation#1.jpg
Our Mascot On Guard!
Thumbnail of Sat_Ops_K8RSP+AC8UA.jpg
Sat Station Ops -
Thumbnail of ShadeFromSinkingSun.jpg
Making some Shade
From the Sinking Sun
Thumbnail of Station@2+WA8LBX+W3CRZ.jpg
Station #2 Ops
Thumbnail of Station#1_Facility.jpg
Station #1 Facility
Thumbnail of Station#1_Ops.jpg
Station #1 Ops
Hard at Work
Thumbnail of Station#1.jpg
Station #1
Thumbnail of Station#1Ops-KD8ZG+N3HKK.jpg
Station #1 Operators
Thumbnail of Station#2_Facility.jpg
Station #2 Facility
Thumbnail of Taking_A_Break.jpg
Taking a Break
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