2013 Repeater Tower Repair

In November, 2013, the club tackled the task of replacing our G7 repeater antenna and some associated hardware. The original G7 antenna had been up since Y2K and was presenting an high SWR to the power amp. The tower was laid on its side, and the original G7 2m antenna was replaced with a new one as were the 440 link antennas. The tower, which was showing signs of wear, was refurbished and repainted. The project took two weeks to complete. Many thanks are due the many club members who donated their time to help make the project a success. Our W8ZPF repeater is not back to its original footprint.

Click on a picture to get a full-sized view.
Before the Repair:
Thumbnail of DSCN6627.JPG
Thumbnail of DSCN6628.jpg
Thumbnail of DSCN6629.jpg
Thumbnail of DSCN6630.JPG
Thumbnail of DSCN6631.jpg
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Thumbnail of DSCN6636.JPG
After the Repair:
Thumbnail of IMG_1927.JPG
Thumbnail of IMG_1928.JPG
Thumbnail of IMG_1929.JPG
Thumbnail of IMG_1930.JPG
Thumbnail of IMG_1931.JPG
Thumbnail of IMG_1932.JPG
Thanks and a hat tip to Dave Brown, K8RSP, for providing these pictures.
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